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I need to call a script via curl in one of my cron jobs. The script needs write access to the web root. Apache doesn't have write access to my web root. How can I execute the cron job as a different user? Thanks.

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What about a second cronJob(as a root) that collect the files that you want? Insecure, but maybe can fit to your needs. –  Gareve Mar 11 '11 at 1:49

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You can use group permissions.

Create a group that will have write access to that directory.

groupadd web

Add yourself and apache to the new web group

useradd -G apache web

Change the document root's ownership permissions to belong to the new web group

chown -R you:web /path/to/docroot

Set the docroot writable

chmod a+w /path/to/docroot
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No matter how you go about this, you need an account (the more restricted, the better) that has write access to the web root. This seems obvious, I know. Next, log in as that user and create the cron job. If you have root:

$ su
# su -u thisotheruser
$ crontab -e

and create the cron job. A couple exits later, and you're all set.

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