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I want to write a few packaged plugins that I can pull into a project and configure for the specific project. For example, I may have a rolodex plugin in which i want the person's birthday to be configurable as required or not required.

in config/initializers/rolodex.rb

Rolodex::Application.config.require_birthday = true

Then in model Person.rb

class Person << ActiveRecord::Base

validates_presence_of :birthday, :if =>{ |p| Rolodex::Application.config.require_birthday}


a little bumpy for an approach maybe - if there's a more idiomatic way, holler.

but here's my question. i'm trying to write unit tests to verify that the config switch works. but i can't. if i write a unit test that sets ..require_birthday = false, it's too late, because the class has already been loaded and the validator defined based on the config values in the initializers. how am i supposed to test this?

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it "should be strange"
 require Rails.root.join("config/initializers/rolodex")
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