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does extjs contain method equivalent to inArray? i checked the API but found nothing!

here is the jquery snippet that need urgent conversion:

if ($.inArray(checkbox.inputValue, values) >= 0)

where values is array.


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Ext JS has Array.indexOf, which does exactly the same thing that the unfortunately-named jQuery.inArray does:

if(values.indexOf(yourValue) !== -1)
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Note that this is Ext 3 specific -- in Ext 4 the Array prototype is no longer modified, so you'd use Ext.Array.indexOf instead. –  bmoeskau Jan 6 '12 at 17:03

Ext.js does not appear to have this function. See http://docs.sencha.com/core/manual/

You can monkey patch this in if you like:

Ext.inArray = function(value, collection) {
    return collection.indexOf(value) !== -1;
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To clarify, Ext Core does not have it, but Ext JS (the standard library) does support it, as shown in other answers. Also, I believe jQuery.inArray, like Array.indexOf, returns the matching index or -1, not a boolean like this example code (though the name would certainly imply it's a boolean, unfortunately). –  bmoeskau Jan 6 '12 at 17:08

ExtJS 4 has Array.contains method:

Ext.Array.contains(MyArray, MyString); // returns bool
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You need to use the Ext.Array.indexOf method:

Ext.Array.indexOf( Array array, Object item, [Number from] ) : Number


The resulting code would look like this:

if (Ext.Array.indexOf(checkbox.inputValue, values) >= 0)
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