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I have a javascript that opens FILE with TextMate with txmt protocol. It works fine, but the problem is that I have a blank Safari window when this script is run.

    if(e.which == 17) isCtrl=true;
    if(e.which == 69 && isCtrl == true) {
        mywindow = window.open("txmt://open/?url=file://FILE","myWindow");
        return false;

How can I not open the blank window?

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Try window.location = "your link"

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Littlebit tricky solution. When the protocol is unknown, an empty window will be opened and you leaving the current page. If javascript is enabled, create a hidden iframe that opens that url. –  Erwinus Nov 29 '12 at 17:19

You could try using XHR. Might work.

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"Make your link, then simulate a click on it." was my first thought on how to do this. I've now tried it and it doesn't work, so I edited the answer to reply with this comment. It works fine for http links but not for anything else. I'm leaving this here because I would be interested if anyone knows why it doesn't work.

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