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I have a mainwindow with pushbutton1 and a subwindow with pushbutton2.When I click the pushbutton1 on my mainwindow I should show my subwindow while hiding the mainwindow.Similarly when I click the pushbutton2 on subwindow,I should close the subwindow and come back to my mainwindow.

Also how can I get some event from another program or file and connect it here? Am using QtCreator2.0 with ubuntu 10.10.AnY help or advice are greatly accepted.

Thanks in advance.

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For communication beetwen qt classes in one process you can use signals and slots.

For interprocess communication you can use DBus. Look at Qt docs on DBus.

ps. Do you really need two window? and not QStackedWidget?

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Thank You for the response.I had done with signals and slots.Yes I need to have multiple screen for a out-going call and based on the events I need to connect between the screens.So far I had done this using a creator and making a second screen visible by using the following code: static *Form = new form(this) Form->Activate(); Form->show(); Form->raise(); Here,I don't want to repeat these lines of code in every form to show the other.So please help me with a better solution. –  Revu Mar 15 '11 at 3:54

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