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I have a Post model that consists of title and content.

I want to implement a text search on that model that would split the user's submitted form into an array and then search for these keywords on both the title and the content.


If the title is : Today its a nice day
and the content: Today I woke up at 7am and..

I would like this to be returned if the user uses the term: "day woke 7am"

I will not prefer to use any Full Text Search as this is bit pricy on heroku where my app is hosted.

What are the best practiced to implement a sql-search like this? Is it possible to apply some weighting on my results? Can anyone show me any code snippets?

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I would the code you write into your Post model. I'd make a method that would

  1. accept the search string as a parameter
  2. downcase the search string and turn it into an array 2a. I would consider taking out all the 1- or 2-character words
  3. then i'd iterate through the posts table. As I go through each line, I'd -- combine the title and body, downcase the combination, and turn it into an array -- perform the array - array operation, and save each post where the result is an empty array
  4. return the resulting posts

This is not tested -- I don't have a model handy like your Post model - but hopefully you can get what I'm doing here:

def charlie_search(search_string) output_array = [] Post.all.each do |p| output_array.push(p.id) if search_string.downcase.split - (p.title.downcase.split + p.description.downcase.split) == [] end Post.find(output_array) end

I don't understand what is expensive in your situation.

You could just put a Google site search box on your site (I think Google still has that service), and let Google index all your pages, then when someone does a search, they would get Google-type search listings for just your site.

Anyway, finding matches is something that a search index like Google is really good at, and I think that's what the other answers were driving at -- using a search index to deliver results.

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Try Sunspot for Solr



Following might help you.

Articles.find(:all, :conditions => ["match(title,body) against (?)", "Databases"] )

Here title and body are the database columns and keyword is 'Databases'. For more options check match-against in mysql.


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Thanks for the answer Ashish, I have clearly stated that I dont want to use any external gems as this is costly on heroku(addons.heroku.com/websolr), I'm searching for the code to it my own in the sql way. –  Sharethefun Mar 11 '11 at 5:24
much better but I dont think postgresql allows that: PGError: ERROR: syntax error at or near "against" Thanks for your time –  Sharethefun Mar 11 '11 at 6:41

One super simple way would be to use Ruby's Array "-" method:

p 'got one' if 'day woke 7am'.downcase.split(' ') - 'Today its a nice day Today I woke up at 7am and'.downcase.split(' ') == []

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Sorry I didnt get it. where would you put this code? Thank you –  Sharethefun Mar 17 '11 at 13:23

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