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I am trying to restore a WordPress MySQL DB from a recent backup since my site (wp-admin) became unusable after I changed the site_url incorrectly. I am trying to reinstall the entire site again but need to reinstall the DB. The problem is my wp_options table will not upload via PHPmyAdmin. The error I get is:

1062 - Duplicate entry 'rewrite_rules' for key 2

I know little about MySQL but this seems odd as the DB was working happily before I deleted it to attempt the reinstall.

Can anyone please advise? I have been trying everything for hours now!

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The error means that you are inserting data into a column with must be unique.

In this case you may be importing data that has 'rewrite_rules' as a data item in a row into a table that already has 'rewrite_rules' as a data item in a row in a column that as been marked as unique.

If you are reinstalling wordpress from scratch and are trying to import the old data over the top you need to take a few steps first. See the link below for some instructions


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Thanks for your help Chris. The problem is I cannot access wp-admin to administer my site_url that I changed in the first place. I thought I could solve the problem by going back to a slightly earlier version of the DB but instead now cannot reinstall it at all!! I really don't want to completely reinstall WP as there's a lot of info in the DB that has been updated and changed. –  JayOh Mar 11 '11 at 6:47

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