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1. Need regex to find a string is whether enclosed by a brace , that may contains brace with in enclosed string.If Yes Then needs to stripe the 1nd and last braces. eg: {StatusData/ResponseCode,RespMessage,{ArrivalMethods/AvailableArrivalMethod/AvailableArrivalMethodName,AvailableFFMCenter}}

INTO StatusData/ResponseCode,RespMessage,{ArrivalMethods/AvailableArrivalMethod/AvailableArrivalMethodName,AvailableFFMCenter}

2. I need a regex to find a string is whether comma separated of brace sets or not and if comma separated then it needs to split as follows wwith comma. eg: {StatusData/ResponseCode,RespMessage,{ArrivalMethods/AvailableArrivalMethod/AvailableArrivalMethodName,AvailableFFMCenter}} ,{ServiceHeaders/clientSessionKey}, {Shoppingcart/OrderId,CatalogId}


1. {StatusData/ResponseCode,RespMessage,{ArrivalMethods/AvailableArrivalMethod/AvailableArrivalMethodName,AvailableFFMCenter}} 2. {ServiceHeaders/clientSessionKey} 3. {Shoppingcart/OrderId,CatalogId}

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Isn't this the same question you asked before :… – Nishan Mar 11 '11 at 6:02
@Nishan. Yes u r correct. Here I try to get answer for the simplified version of the same problem. – Prakash Mar 11 '11 at 10:32

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Regarding problem 1: that cannot be solved with a regex unless you limit the depth of the nesting. Read this post for an example of how to do it with a limit of 3 (and a description of how to do it for other limits). As that example makes clear, this is a monster to do with regex; you're better off doing this in code if that's an option for you.

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Thanks and your idea is good. Already i started to code. still i need small a pattern in it to split the string with comma but within braces will be ignored. – Prakash Mar 11 '11 at 10:53

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