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I have a requirement but I don't know much about implementation detail. I have a query string like -->

(title:java or author:john) and date:[20110303 TO 20110308]

basically the query string is composed with lucene syntax. What I really need to do is parse query string into AST and convert AST to lucene query.

I'm not familiar with compiler or parser technology and I ran into Irony project. Can someone point me how to and where to start? Using Irony or hand-made will be okay.

Thanks a lot.

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Sorry for the late response:

Generally speaking, to create a parser, it's best to describe the grammar in the abstract, then generate the parser using a parser generator.

I created the lucene-query-parser.js library using a PEG grammar, which is in the Github repo here. That grammar is specific to PEG.js and uses JavaScript to implement an AST style result for the parsed query.

It's not necessary to return an AST style structure, but I found that to be most useful for the project that I wrote the syntax for. You could re-implement the grammar to return any sort of parser result that you wanted to.

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If your query String is in Lucene syntax, then simply pass it to the parse(String) method of Lucene's QueryParser.

That will return a Query object representing the query String.

If you need to extend or modify the standard lucene syntax, then you could start by looking at the JavaCC Grammar for QueryParser.

Others have modified it in the past to add support for RegExps

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I know lucene's QueryParser. I actually want to design my own syntax but the syntax is pretty much same with lucene's query syntax. Not 100% same as lucene's syntax. So I need to know how to start or borrow from any exist open source project' ideas( implementation ) to accompolished it. – ffmm Mar 11 '11 at 16:00

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