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Is this possible to debug the query in SQL Server 2005. I have heard about debugging support in SQL Server 2008. Also about debugging of stored procedures. But not about queries yet.

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As far as I know, you have to have some kind of TSQL object in the database to debug to accomplish this. Since an ad hoc query doesn't directly correlate to a server object, there is nothing to point the debugger at. There also might be a small big of setup involved before you can actually start debugging those objects.

However, it if fairly easy to wrap sql statements into a procedure just for the sake of debugging if you have the proper rights. It would not be a good idea to do on a production server, but if you do not have stored procedure creation rights, you might still be able to create a global temporary stored procedure, solely for debugging purposes.


--SQL to test
SELECT @test = GetDate()
SELECT @test

--SQL wrapped in procedure just so it can be debugged CREATE PROCEDURE TestProcedure --(or ##testprocedure for global temp procedure) AS DECLARE @test DATETIME SELECT @test = GetDate() SELECT @test

Article illustrating some sql debugging info and examples in use - link.

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