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hello I want to learn how cpu works from scale of bit level to assembly level could somebody tell me ? which one would be better? top-down learning or bottom-up learning? and what am I suppose to do first? assembly language? or computer architecture? what sort of book, site, method would be good? I am interested in computer science/Artificial Intelligence but I have no compass to know how to get there efficiently your reply would be very thankful and helpful

welcome your experienced story

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You probably do well reading something like this in combination with the Intel/AMD Instruction manuals, of course this is biased to x86, but other vendors/architectures should have similar publications.

This does go very in-depth, but that can only serve to help in my opinion. Also, if your interests are AI and CS, this could be considered a waste of time, as it'll add to neither (remember CS is not about programming, its about the art of programming and programatic problem solving).

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If you go from down up, you probably have to learn about integrated circuits to understand how CPUs are actually designed, implemented and tested. Assembler is way too high level. –  user405725 Apr 30 '12 at 23:47

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