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log4j.logger.mylog = debug, A1

I want to know 2 things,

  1. what is "mylog" here?
  2. what is "A" here?
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mylog is the logger name (which you pass to Logger.getLogger() in your code; you can also pass a class in which case the logger name is the name of the class). In fact in a configuration file it can be the prefix for a logger name - so in this case, any logger name beginning with mylog will use appender A1 (and possibly others).

A1 is the appender name (which is configured elsewhere in the configuration file) - this determines where the actual output goes.

The "short introduction to log4j" is a good starting point for this sort of thing.

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  • mylog is the name of your logger (as requested in your code using Logger.getLogger("mylog").
  • A1 is the id of an appender that you defined in your configuration.
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