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I want to send email through PHP without installing or configuring any PHP mail server.what are the ways to achieve this.

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by just putting mail() function –  Awais Qarni Mar 11 '11 at 7:32
Can you give me the syntax for that mail function –  Abhishek Gupta Mar 11 '11 at 7:46

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Use this

$to = "someone@example.com";
$subject = "Test mail";
$message = "Hello! This is a simple email message.";
$from = "someonelse@example.com";
$headers = "From:" . $from;
echo "Mail Sent.";

Remember you cannot send email through localhost. This function will send information when your code is online

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where this mail function is defined should i include or require any additional file where this mail function is defined –  Abhishek Gupta Mar 11 '11 at 8:39
This is a built in function of php. You dont need to define it by yourself. There is no need to define in any other file. just call it at what step do you want to send the email –  Awais Qarni Mar 11 '11 at 10:05
Thanks man Although there are other ways to send emails using PHP , but the way u suggested is much more simpler . Thanks a lot. –  Abhishek Gupta Mar 11 '11 at 11:37
when i am sending message using this function i got <br/> tags with text, while i put them to make new line, but i receive them as text. –  Abhishek Gupta Mar 11 '11 at 11:38
@Abhishek Gupta Welcome dear –  Awais Qarni Mar 11 '11 at 11:51

I always use the PHP Mailer class, this class is really easy to use, and so powerful. Give it a try.

You can download it from here PHP MAILER

Here's an example


    $mail             = new PHPMailer(); // defaults to using php "mail()"

    $body             = file_get_contents('contents.html');
    $body             = eregi_replace("[\]",'',$body);

    $mail->AddReplyTo("name@yourdomain.com","First Last");

    $mail->SetFrom('name@yourdomain.com', 'First Last');

    $mail->AddReplyTo("name@yourdomain.com","First Last");

    $address = "whoto@otherdomain.com";
    $mail->AddAddress($address, "John Doe");

    $mail->Subject    = "PHPMailer Test Subject via mail(), basic";

    $mail->AltBody    = "To view the message, please use an HTML compatible email viewer!"; // optional, comment out and test


    $mail->AddAttachment("images/phpmailer.gif");      // attachment
    $mail->AddAttachment("images/phpmailer_mini.gif"); // attachment

    if(!$mail->Send()) {
      echo "Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo;
    } else {

echo "Message sent!";
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+1 Ronald for giving a detail answer. But what is different between using a php mailer class and simple mail function? –  Awais Qarni Mar 11 '11 at 7:56
@Awais - php mailer made it easier for the coder by calling methods and properties, also embedding images to a mail is so easy. –  Roland Mar 11 '11 at 8:01

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