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i want to print a patient receipt dat contain following detail: name ,uid,age,height............... email,medicine,dosage..etc.

now my question is how can i print the medicine foreg:medicine-1,medicine-2,medicine-3....n sooo on... in html..

{% for pmed in meds %}


{% endfor %}

but actually in want to print in html like this way:my first half part is running bcoz it can single data... eg:

patient name: {{patient.name}} 
uhid: {{patient.uhid}} 
age: {{patient.age}} 
Gender: {{patient.gender}} 
Height: {{patient.height}} 
Weight: {{patient.weight}}

but the problem is with medicine part.. as for one patient their will b let say 3 medicine... so can i print the medicine part.. in html. well my trying this as follows:

{% for pmed in meds %} 
    like for medicine-1:crocin, medicine-2:paraseta 
{% endfor %}

im not getting exactly.. can u help me out.

thanx in advance.

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{% for pmed in meds %} 
    Medicine - {{ forloop.counter }} : {{ pmed.medicine }} 
{% endfor %}
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{% for pmed in meds.values %} Weight: {{pmed.weight}} {% for medicine in pmed.medicines %} medince: {{ medicine.name }} {% endfor %} {% endfor %}

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