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I want to know how to edit an html document loaded with geckobrowser using the language pascl / delphi.

it means, do processing on the web page using geckobrowser. as shown here: http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/

es that can show me how to add a picture, a link, an image in a web page for example?

 s: = newstring ('on ');

 line: = newstring ('creatlink');
 link: newstring = ('C: \ Users \ Acer \ Pictures \ images.jpg ");
 ed: = GeckoBrowser1.ContentWindow.GetDocument () as nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument;
  ed.SetDesignMode (s.AString) / / pass in Edit mode
    ed.ExecCommand (ligne.AString, true, lien.AString) / / add a link to the html document

Component gecko sdk for pascal / delphi is downloadable from this link: http://lazarus-ccr.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/lazarus-ccr/components/geckoport. geckobrowser based on the Mozilla XPCOM.

thanc you

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Use the Midas embedding guide:

Given an nsIWebBrowser instance, get an nsIDOMWindow from the GetContentDOMWindow call. Then simply call nsIWebBrowser->do_GetInterface on the nsIWebBrowser to retrieve the nsIEditingSession from it. From there you call editingSession->MakeWindowEditable(domWindow, editortype, PR_TRUE). The first parameter is the nsIDOMWindow you just retrieved, the second is the editor type you want to create, and the third is whether you want the window editable immediately or when the document is done loading. In calling this method, the editor is created underneath and the event listeners are all prepared


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