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I have the following script----

  $("tr.member_profile_comment_row_frame").mouseover(function () {
  $("tr.member_profile_comment_row_frame").mouseout(function () {

The thing I want is that the table row is having a element in it specified with the class member_profile_comment_show_delete_button should show and hide on mouseover and mouseout the table row! But there are many table rows like this! And I'm not able to find out a way display only that img in the table row over which mouse is pointed!

Please help me out!

Thanks in advance!

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can you show your complete page markup here? –  Andrew Douglas Mar 11 '11 at 9:13

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You don't need this.element in your code, just the selector; the this afterwards means look inside this element.

 $("tr.member_profile_comment_row_frame").mouseover(function () {
     $("img.member_profile_comment_show_delete_button", this).show();
 $("tr.member_profile_comment_row_frame").mouseout(function () {
     $("img.member_profile_comment_show_delete_button", this).hide();
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Thanks it worked!!!!! –  Jack Billy Mar 11 '11 at 9:26

You should use a .delegate()help here. Looks like:

$('table').delegate('tr', 'mouseenter', function(e) {
}).delegate('tr', 'mouseleave', function(e) {

That has the advantage, that only one event handler is bound for all your <tr> nodes (to your <table> node).

Your current code should work also (beside that this.element needs to get replaced thru this), but it would bind an event handler to each <tr> explicitly.

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Thanks it worked too! –  Jack Billy Mar 11 '11 at 9:27

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