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I am developing game using andengine. I want to add a sprite as a child to another sprite so that spirte will rotate along with another sprite. Since i am new to andengine i didnt know how to add sprite as a child .By rotating main sprite the child has to rotate with it. . Some of them suggest to call sprite.attachChild() method to add as child but i cant get this method. i am extending BaseGameActivity. How to solve this issue please help me..

Its urgent help me...

Edited: Some of them says its due to old version of andengine.. can anyone give me link for download new version of andengine please..

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The source code is located at http://code.google.com/p/andengine/ and indeed sprite composition is a feature in the most recent version of AndEngine as verified in this forum thread.

I'm using it and can personally verify that it's functional.

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AnimatedSpriteHelicopter mSpriteHelicopter = new AnimatedSpriteHelicopter(0, 0, this.mTRHelicopter);


        // ==========================
        // Missile
        // ===========================
        AnimatedSpriteMissile mMissile = new AnimatedSpriteMissile(0, 0, this.mTRMissile);
        return this.mScene;

Just a sample code. now missile will move with helicopter sprite :) very simple. I have my own classes extended with AnimatedSprite.

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