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My jquery code is divided file is divided over 2 files.

In one of the file, I define a function

function something(input){
  //does something

calling this function only works when the caller line is in the same file. But I need to call it from both files.

If I switch the function to the second file, again I get the same issue. The code in the same file can read it, but not the code in the other file.

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Place your functions outside of $(document).ready(function() { }); to give them global scope. Anything placed within it cannot be accessed from the outside.

You can then look into using a namespace to encapsulate your functions. This helps to avoid clutter of the global namespace.

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You need to create a namespace object, which is shared between your files.


window.mynamespace = window.mynamespace || {};

mynamespace.something = function(input) {
    // do something


window.mynamespace = window.mynamespace || {};

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I'm using JQuery and each of my files start like this. Where do I put the namespace? Outside or inside the document ready? $(document).ready(function() { }); –  sami Mar 11 '11 at 10:29
@sami: setting or receiving that object should be the very first thing that happens in each of your files. Also, this is a simplified version. You can create a lot more complex solutions for this problem. –  jAndy Mar 11 '11 at 10:33
I agree this is the best solution. There were also some experimentaion with export/import in JavaScript (see this page) but saving themethods/object on a global object (like window) is the BEST way... –  Tokimon Mar 11 '11 at 12:09
I agree that this is a good solution, but it is not strictly necessary to create this object (so I disagree with "you need to"). A function outside of $(document).ready(function() { }); and other namespaces will be globally available on the page. –  justkt Mar 11 '11 at 14:55

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