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I need develop some web applications, but I need a tool that help me to do this quickly.

Currently I'm using CodeIgniter(PHP), but I'm not getting the speed that I need.

I feel the need for:

  • A way to create forms from database tables, that kind of task is the most time consuming.

Can someone give clues on how to get full speed developing web apps? Which Framework/Tools should I use?

Best Regards,

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rubyonrails.org nette.org djangoproject.com - any should do the job. Try google - that helps as well. –  Jakub Hampl Mar 11 '11 at 10:28
the codeigniter has scaffolding support, which helps you crate forms from database tables. 'Creating a blog in CodeIgniter' (video tutorial) will help you understand how to do scaffolding in codeIgniter. –  AceMark Mar 14 '11 at 15:31

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From the frameworks I've used, cakePHP has, by far, the best code generation tools. All you need is Mysql workbench to get a your ERD going and cake will connect to your database and create a CRUD MVC application for you.

It's as simple as cake bake :)


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Does it have to be PHP? If you're interested in Python, I would highly recommend web2py for very rapid development. It's very easy to set up, learn, and use (with lots of built-in defaults), but it's also very powerful, flexible, and full-featured. It requires no installation or configuration, has no dependencies (the binary distribution even includes the Python interpreter), and includes a web server, a database abstraction layer, a scaffolding app, jQuery for Ajax functionality, and a web-based IDE/administrative interface (see demo). It's got excellent documentation, and if you have any questions, there's a very helpful and responsive mailing list.

You can very easily create forms from database tables using the SQLFORM functionality or the even simpler CRUD functionality. The forms are highly customizable and automatically handle field validation and protect against double submission and cross-site request forgery. The scaffolding application also includes a database administration interface (intended for administrator use only) that provides CRUD operations for all database tables (as well as import/export functionality).

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the codeigniter has scaffolding support, which helps you crate forms from database tables. this link, Creating a blog in CodeIgniter will help you understand how to do scaffolding in codeIgniter.

hope that helps.

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if you consider .net as a back-end take a look at vcl.js. its a rapid web tool mostly for business application that contain the full stack .(front end,back-end, components, data-binding, database etc)


all with a Friendly APIs

var qur = new V.TQuery(this)
qur.SQL = “Select * from customers”;

var inp = V.TDBInput(this,’itm’);
inp.DataSet = qur;
inp.FieldName = “FirstName”
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If you are looking for an effective ORM framework for PHP, use either Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel or CakePHP and use it with Skipper. You will then have advantage of:

  • ORM approach (clean and readable code)
  • visualization (fast design and easy documentation)
  • automatic schema code generation (no typos or forgotten code)

So the development of the code will be pretty rapid.

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