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I need to parse a configuration file , I need to compare the string variable and get the values.

The variable and values are seperated by white spaces, For example, TestscenConf.config file contains the following,

[1] [IP_ADDR1][1]
[2] [IP_ADDR2][1]
[2] [IP_ADDR2][2]

Here, everything is seperated by space.

I want to compare variable name and get its value.

How can I parse it in C or C++.

Thank you,


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Of course you can use one of this *scanf() functions, but i strongly suggest you to use common open standart for your configs (such as XML or JSON). it's much better because of many reasons:

1) You get stable working parser for any OS and any programming language. Just take a look at JSON: - how many languages are supported!

2) What happens if you add one another item in you config? or item of other format (list of ip-addresses, for example)? Take universal, ubiquitous solution!

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+1 While I agree with you (using a standard for data is a good thing), that implies changes to the input file. – pmg Mar 11 '11 at 11:11

fopen, (fgets, sscanf, and strcmp) in a loop, and fclose come to mind.

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