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double buf[1000];
double value;
double *ptr = &value;
for(i=0; i < no_of_iterations; i++) {
  for(j=0; j < chunkSize; j++) {
    num_bytes_read = fread(ptr,1,pcm_sample_size,fptr); //read one sample
    if(num_bytes_read == 2) {
      sum_sq += (*ptr) * (*ptr); //calculate power of each sample
      buf[j] = *ptr;
    else {
      flag = 0;
  if(!flag) {
    printf("exiting loop");
  power = sum_sq/chunkSize;//calculate rms value of signals for chunkSize samples
  if(power < threshold) //compare with some value
    printf("power is lower than threshold"); //silence-don't write
  else { //write
    ret = fwrite(buf,1,pcm_sample_size,optr);
    if(ret != 1) 
      printf("error in fwrite %d", ret);

Above is my code for writing some pcm samples to a file depending on some condition but I'm getting fread error. The control does not enter the if(num_bytes_read==2) block. I think the error is because I want to read pcm samples which are 2 bytes in size and I need somewhere to store it. What datatype can I use to store a 2 byte pcm value(the pcm value is not an int value). Please advise.

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On this line:

num_bytes_read = fread(ptr,1,pcm_sample_size,fptr);//read one sample

ptr is pointing to the address of value so it must be sizeof(double) and 1, as you read in just one value.

The result of an fread is the number of items read, not the number of bytes.

Are you initialising sum_sq where you need to?

To read 2 doubles:

double readbuf[2];
num_items_read = fread( readbuf, sizeof(double), 2, fptr );
if( num_items_read == 2 )
    covariance_sum += readbuf[0] * readbuf[1];

Not sure exactly what you are trying to multiply, but obviously if it is 2 different values it is not a "square". I will let you fix your code to your actual logic.

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I need the second and third arguments to be the same. So, how can I change ptr so that it is a variable of size 2 bytes? ok point noted and yes I have initialized sum_sq to 0.0 – Namratha Mar 11 '11 at 10:44
It's fread(membuf, sizeof_item, num_items, fptr). You are reading 1 double so it should be fread(ptr, sizeof(double), 1, fptr). It will only ever return 1 or 0 in your case. – CashCow Mar 11 '11 at 11:18
Oops, yes you are right. But the output file is still of 0 bytes – Namratha Mar 11 '11 at 11:42
The application crashes in the middle. What do I do? – Namratha Mar 11 '11 at 11:44
Debug it. You could do that via a log file, writing information as it goes along to trace what it is doing. – CashCow Mar 11 '11 at 12:31

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