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helo, I am new to android and trying to implement some action. I have one drawable image set in imageview. I would like to zoomIn it at some specific Coordinates on ImageView When some condition (specified) is satisfied. And on satisfying some other condition I like to zoom Out that image. how can I achieve this functionality. Can any one help me...please.

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You have to create an empty mutable bitmap object as described below and you can do alterations to this bitmap and then setImageBitmap using imageview.

Bitmap bmp = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.icon);
Bitmap alteredBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bmp.getWidth(), bmp.getHeight(), bmp.getConfig());
Canvas canvas = new Canvas(alteredBitmap);
Paint paint = new Paint();
Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
matrix.setScale(1.5f, 1.0f,0, 0);
canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, matrix, paint);

ImageView image = (ImageView)findViewById(;
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