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At the moment I am using the following bit of code to only get the values of checked checkboxes, however I am sure that there is an easier way that this.

if ($('#OPTtags-adventure-diving').is(':checked')) {
        var OPTtags-adventure-diving = $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving').val()
    } else var OPTtags-adventure-diving = '';

    if ($('#OPTtags-master-scuba-diver').is(':checked')) {
        var OPTtags-master-scuba-diver = $('#OPTtags-master-scuba-diver').val()
    } else var OPTtags-master-scuba-diver = '';

Is there?


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Minor point: variable names with hypens are illegal in JS. The problem is that OPTtags-adventure-diving could be interpreted as OPTtags minus adventure minus diving. Better to use camelCase or underscore. – johnhunter Mar 11 '11 at 11:07
@johnhunter Point taken, – Robin Knight Mar 11 '11 at 18:58
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I have not checked this, but how about

var OPTtags-master-scuba-diver = $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving:checked').val()

Then your variable will be undefined or the value.

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Do not overlook the subtle (though mentioned by Chris) fact that this will return "undefined" when the checkbox isn't checked. – Eric Caron Dec 27 '11 at 22:18

This is a bit simpler:

var OPTtags-adventure-diving = $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving:checked').length ? $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving').val() : '';

Example -

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Just another way:

var $chkbox = $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving'),
    OPTtags-adventure-diving = $':checked') ? $chkbox.val() : '';
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try this,

var OPTtags-master-scuba-diver = $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving:checked').val() || '':
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$('#OPTtags-adventure-diving').prop('checked') ? $('#OPTtags-adventure-diving').val() : ''
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