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I am getting some data from network using an Inputstream. I want to make a log to check if the InputStream has something on it. Log("InputStream = "+ is.read()) and I get InputStream = 123 But later when I use it I get InputStream = -1. I guess is something related with the position of the iterator, but I haven't seen in the API of Java that you have to use a reset() (as when you use mark()) to read again the inputStream.

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Correct - one read to a customer. Once you use a stream or an iterator you can't use it again without resetting it.

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InputStream doesn't allow to "peek" at the next character; instead, all read methods block until data is available.

If you need peeking, use Java NIO. A Selector can tell you if any channel has data ready.

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You could wrap you stream in a PushbackInputStream. Then you could do this:

int r = in.read();
Log("InputStream = "+ r);

and a following read will re-read that character

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Will this not hang if no character is available? – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Mar 11 '11 at 11:51

This example uses mark() and reset() to re-read the input stream, but it relies on a priori knowledge of a suitable readlimit. Depending on your needs, it may be a useable buffer strategy.

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