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I've got this file containing a list of data in Hadoop. I've build a simple Pig script which analyze the file by the id number, and so on...

The last step I'm looking for is this: I'd like to to create (store) a file for each unique id number. So this should depend on a group step...however, I haven't understood if this is possible (maybe there is a custom store module?).

Any idea?



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While keeping in mind what is said by frail, MultiStorage, in PiggyBank, seems to be what you are looking for.

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for getting an output(file or anything) you need to assign data to a variable, thats how it works with STORE. If id's are limited and finite you can FILTER them one by one and then STORE them. (I always do that for action types which is about 20-25).

But if you need to get each unique id file badly then make 2 files. 1 with whole data in it grouped by id, 1 with just unique ids. Then try generating 1(or more if you have too many) pig scripts that FILTER BY that id. But it's a bad solution. Assuming you would group 10 ids in a pig script you would have (unique id count/10) pig scripts to run.

Beware that Hdfs ain't good at handling too many small files.

Edit: A better solution would be to GROUP and SORT by unique id to a big file. Then since its sorted you can easily divide the contents with a 3rd party script.

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