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I am currently writing a user management application which administers users in a single aspnetdb instance. This single instance contains multiple "applications" which all have roles assigned against the individual applications.

As each user can be a member of multiple applications I use Roles.ApplicationName to cycle through each configured application and then determine which roles they are a member of. After checking each application I set the Roles.ApplicationName back to the original application which is the management application.

The problem I am having is when multiple users eachview an individual application and a request for Roles.GetAllRoles() is made. Most of the time the roles that come back are for the intended application but sometimes the wrong application's roles come back due to other requests cycling over the Roles.ApplicationName per application.

I've since read that Roles.ApplicationName is not threadsafe and therefore should not be used in a web application but I would prefer to have a solution to this rather than having to rewrite the role model in the application.

Also, The aspnetdb applications are created via this administration system and therefore I cannot create multiple RoleProviders, one per application.

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Why dont you write a wrapper to do this, off the top of my head you could implement your own role provider, and then put the appropriate synchronization in place.

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I done exactly this by wrapping the SqlRoleProvider and creating locks on the methods. This still seemed to lead to problem. However when I wrapped the basic RoleProvider object and made the calls to the appropriate aspnetdb sps manually everything was fine. –  Brian Scott Mar 23 '11 at 9:10

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