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I'm writing a Fitnesse test for a web application. One of the items to test is a drop-down box, whose value is determined by the current date, in DD/MM/YYYY format.

I'd thought that using the !today variable in the Fitnesse suite might be a useful way of setting a variable, but I've run into the problem that Fitnesse expresses the date as (for example) 11 Mar, 2011, where I need 11/03/2011. I can get the date in numberic format using the -xml modifier, but I'm still left with a pretty huge string like 2011-03-11T05:51:22.

Is there a way of getting substrings of this, and then piping those into page variables, or am I barking up entirely the wrong tree here?


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!today (MM/dd/yyyy) produces 09/17/2012. You can use any format codes you like. It uses the SimpleDateFormat class.

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Man, I wish I'd know it was that easy! This is cool. –  nihilogist Sep 28 '12 at 8:57

Well, it turns out not entirely the wrong tree :-)

For reference, the !today function has a few other methods, and you can use them to gather individual sections of the date as necessary:

!today (dd) - gives the day of the month, in numeric form !today (MM) - gives the month of the year, in numeric form !today (yyyy) - gives the year, in numeric form

There are a few others, but all I ended up using were these. Combine them as necessary, and Robert is your mother's brother, as it were...

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