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Could node.js replace Ruby on Rails completely in the future?

I'm doing bad in understanding the sense of node.js. I understand what it does regarding IO etc., but is it for example a Ruby on Rails replacement? Can I do the same database operations etc.? What about authentication?

what kind of web or other applications get build on basis of node.js?

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is it for example a ruby on rails replacement?

IMHO RoR has much longer history/experience/functionality for website development. Node.js itself is a lightweight (low level) framework from which you can take off to build various types of server-side applications (not just web oriented). One of its main advantages is in wide spectrum of modules provided by community of open source developers.

Can i do the same database operations etc.?

Yes, just find the right module for your type of database.

What about authentication?

Modules like connect offers built-in authentication functionality.

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Node.js is a totally separate technology to Ruby on Rails, built on a different technology stack. In its current state it's not a replacement for Rails, and certainly not a drop-in replacement

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so for what kind of applications is node.js then? –  Tronic Mar 11 '11 at 14:01

AIUI Node.js is a bit more low-level than that, in particular it has no support for typical high level web development (MVC model, db integration, etc). Look at it as a javascripty basis to write networking software on (including web frameworks).

There are some web frameworks out there built on Node.js. The only one I know is geddy.

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Node.JS is to Javascript as EventMachine is to Ruby (and Twisted to Python). It's something completely different from Rails.

To illustrate: the Thin webserver that is often used to serve Rails application was built using EventMachine. So you would need a complete web framework on top of Node.JS to make it a Rails replacement.

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You are comparing apples and pears.

Ruby on Rails is a MVC Framework to build websites. Nodejs is a framework to build evented I/O operations.

You can build a port of RoR on top of nodejs if you want.

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