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When using Apache Buildr, the project pulls in ant 1.6.5 as a dependency. It seems that when testing the project, Buildr uses ant 1.8.0 and puts it on the classpath. JUnit complains about multiple ant versions.

It is possible to set

Buildr.settings.build['ant'] = "1.6.5"

but Buildr tries to download with artifact group org.apache.ant, while ant 1.6.5 uses group ant.

How should one resolve such situation?

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For now I did with:

ANTED_HIBERNATE = transitive([
  #  'cglib:cglib:jar:2.1.1',
HIBERNATE = ANTED_HIBERNATE.reject { |x| x.group == "ant" }
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You could remove 1.6.5 from dependencies? Like

 SOME_DEPENDENCY -= ["ant:ant:jar:1.6.5"]
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