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I'm trying to clone an existing git repository by giving Xcode the url (repository is in codebasehq). The url looks like:


But Xcode can't clone because:

The operation could not be performed because access to the repository "repository" was denied.

Should I add something to that url in order to identify?


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Have you set up your SSH key correctly, is it in your .ssh folder, and is it named id_rsa (the default) did you type in your password when it requested it (or is it available in keychain at least?). In my case with Github I just had to try twice and it worked without issues, so maybe try again... or try cloning locally into a directory first? –  X-Istence Mar 12 '11 at 9:01

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I've had limited success with using Xcode 4 and private remote repositories. When it has worked, it has always been when I accessed the repository via https. You might try that. I suspect Xcode 4 has authentication issues.

Of course, you should verify that your can access the repository via SSH first to make sure your key is being exchanged correctly.

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