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Is there anyhow I can cast a normal string to <m> where m is a measure type?

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I'd use something like

let convert (s:string) : float<m> = 
  float s 
  |> LanguagePrimitives.FloatWithMeasure
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I dunno, seems kinda primitive. –  Daniel Mar 11 '11 at 15:14

Another option besides kvb's approach would be to multiply a raw float value by 1.0<m>:

let convert (s:string) =
    (float s) * 1.0<m>
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To add another alternative, I'd probably write:

let inline convertToMeters x : float<m> = unbox (box (float x));;

You can use the function to convert any type that can be converted to float to the type float<m> (which is nice, because it also works with integers etc., but not all random types such as System.Random). You can see this from the type signature:

val inline convertToMeters :
   ^a -> float<m> when  ^a : (static member op_Explicit :  ^a -> float)
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Note that if you want to generalize, you can go even farther and have the result type be float<'t> instead of float<m>. –  kvb Mar 11 '11 at 23:51

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