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Anyone know of how they would go about pulling data from a Netezza backend in ruby on rails.

Any resources would help.

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I would strongly consider using JRuby and then use the JDBC drivers for Neteeza. For more information on using JDBC and JRuby with rails, check out https://github.com/nicksieger/activerecord-jdbc-adapter

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I have an enterprise Ruby on Rails 3 web application, hosted on Windows Server 2008, which connects to SQL Server via ActiveRecord and Netezza via DBI. I tested connecting to Netezza in various ways:

  • Ruby + ODBC based DBI can connect to Netezza
  • Ruby + AR cannot connect to Netezza.
  • Ruby + AR-based ODBC (activerecord-odbc-adapter) does not support Netezza.
  • JRuby + Java-based JDBC can connect to Netezza.
  • JRuby + AR-based JDBC cannot connect to Netezza.
  • IronRuby + ODBC can probably connect to Netezza.
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We tinkered with this a little while back and settled on JRuby + JDBC + custom AR adapter gem. It's rough, but I made the activerecord-netezza-adapter gem and it's working so far.

(Hola, Kirby!)

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