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I've the following problem with EJB and Oracle DB...

I've some native sql query -deployed in Oc4j- that returns more than 21k rows from Oracle DB. when I run the query against Oracle DB I get JOOM (out of memory) exception..

And because the requirements was to include pagination for the result set, so we decided to use em.setMaxResult, em.setFirstResult to return only 10 rows a time.

Using the EntityManager to implement the pagination put us in some problem As Later, it was required to sort the result returned, but the whole result not just the 10 rows returned by setMaxResult() ! We found that, to put the clause ORDER BY xxxx in the native query makes the query performance became too bad!

So, we are try considering to make the pagination in the Database layer (using Oracle rownum ? or other technique?)

Any help on that??



Later, we recognized that, If we use [em.clear()][1] we might be able to avoid the JOOM exception by making something like:

define the result list
while database has more records
   use entityManager get next 10 records and add them to the result list
return result list

So, we could implement the paging on the Servlet side (using session.getAttribute("all_result").sublist(from, to)). and thus we can do the sort using Java as opposite to SQL sort


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Provided code for pagination, might help you.

em.createQuery("Select o from Entity o where > :lastId order by");
query.setParameter("lastId", previousResult.get(previousResult.size()-1).getId());
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