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I am trying to sum in HTML,but template tag return 0 ,


def gen_Report(request):

### query returns below output 
list=[{'total': 1744, 'user': u'x'}, {'total': 13, 'user': u'y'}, {'total': 126, 'user': u'z'}, {'total': 46, 'user': u'm'}, {'total': 4, 'user': u'n'}, {'total': 8, 'user': u'o'},  {'total': 3, 'user': u'p'}]

return render_to_response('user.html', locals(),
                            context_instance = RequestContext(request))

Template :


  {% load temptags %}

 <table id="myTable" class="tablesorter">


    {% for fetch in list %}


    {% endfor %}
    <td>{{ list.total|running_total}}</td>


Template tag:

from django.template import Library
register = Library()
def running_total(list_total):
  return sum(d.get('list_sum') for d in list_total)

output :

S.No    user          Count
1     x       1744
2     y         13
3     z         126
4     m         46
5     n              4
6     o          8
Sum------------------>   0  (it returns zero)

I am doing anything wrong here ?

can you please help me,how to return sum total using template tag here ?

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Your template tag looks wrong. You have role_total as the parameter and then iterate through list_total (seemingly undefined) and from each dictionary in the list try getting the key list_sum which is also seemingly undefined.

from django.template import Library
register = Library()
def running_total(your_dict_list):
   return sum(d['total'] for d in your_dict_list)

and calling it from the template at as <td>{{ list|running_total}}</td>

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I suspect that your list is an iterator. So the first time it iterates over and the second time it iterate over nothing. So you should do something like this

for d in list_total:
   d.set('list_sum', list(d.get('list_sum')))

before calling your template

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i need to add in view or template tag? –  sush Mar 11 '11 at 16:52

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