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I want to add an item at runtime to my global settings on an ASP.Net web application. It seems that the Properties.Settings.Default.Properties object is read-only, or at least it's Attributes are so I was trying to write directly into the web.config file. This works correctly but the stuff I found was just dropping my info into the AppSettings section, when I need it to be in the ApplicationName.Properties.Settings so it is made available through the Default.Properties object.

The code I have basically goes like this:

   Configuration config = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("/");
   config.AppSettings.Add(mySettingName, myValue);

Which is fine and dandy, except that - obviously enough - my setting turns up in the <appSettings> section of the file.

Is there a way I can use the Configuration object to access the ApplicationSettings/ApplicationName.Properties.Settings part of the configuration file? If so how? If not is there another way to write values into my application settings from code?

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You can use the ConfigurationManager.GetSection() method to retrieve any section from a configuration file. However, there is no support for updating within the framework.

Read more here.

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