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I need to now how to get a value of a input type="hidden" in a ashx page.

Anyone can help me???

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Add runat="server" in the input and assign an id. You can then use the id in your code behind.

There is another method. Using the asp:HiddenField. A video can be found here.

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I have the runat="server" and the id. in the ashx when i try form["myid"] it is null... I will try with the asp:HiddenField –  Márcio Cardoso Mar 11 '11 at 19:18

Why are you using "ashx" instead of "aspx"? As far as I know, ASHX is for Http Handlers, not web pages.

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I solved my problem using a asp:HiddenField. in my ashx page in catch the value of the hiddenfielf like this: form["ctl00$MainContent$myid"]

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