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I'm implementing the MVP pattern within an existing asp.net webforms application and I was wondering if there is a clean way to map my form data to a data transfer object. I'm not particularly fond of implementing it this way:

MyObject obj = new MyObject()
    obj.Name = txtName.Text,
    obj.Description = txtDescription.Text,
    obj.SomeOtherValue = txtOtherValue.Text

Does anyone have any suggestions of a better way to tackle this problem so that I don't have to write a mapping method for every data transfer object?

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Spring.Net provides framework for bidirectional data mapping.


It will be a bit complicated only for this feature. But it does provide other useful benefits as well e.g. (Dependency injection, Validation Framework, Navigation framework etc)

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I was kind of hoping there was a solution without bringing in another framework –  Hopdizzle Mar 11 '11 at 20:41

XForms is one of the most elegant way, but still in its beta...

Otherwise you just need to add a Controller between HTML and your model, read more about MVC design pattern. The Controller will convert *.Text into your model incoming parameters. In other words it will decouple your view from model.

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