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Firstly here is my PHP CODE

    $missing['selection'] = $required['selection'];

if(empty($missing)) {

    $_SESSION['step'][0] = 0;


Here is my HTML

<form action="" method="post">
    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="tbl_insert">

            <th><label for="selection">Select from following that applies to you</label></th>
                <input type="radio" name="selection" id="selection" group="form_type" value="form1"> />Form 1<br />
                <input type="radio" name="selection" id="selection" group="form_type" value="form2" />Form 2<br />
                <input type="radio" name="selection" id="selection" group="form_type" value="form3" />Form 3<br />
                <input type="radio" name="selection" id="selection" group="form_type" value="form4" />Form 4<br />

How would i redirect the user to FORM1 if they selected radio "form1"; FORM2 if they selected "form2"; etc.

I appreciate the help you will provide (Y)

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    switch($_POST['selection']) {
         case 'form1': $url = '/wherever/form1/is'; break;
         case 'form2': $url = '/wherever/this/other/form/goes'; break;
         default: $url = '/some/default/handler';
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MAN I LOVE YOU MARC <3 ! –  Xavier Mar 11 '11 at 19:43

Redirects to new pages are normally done like this:

header('Location: www.site.tld/anotherpage.php');
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first turn name attribute into array name="selection[]"dio

and also do not use same id for each radio button, either u r able to check all radio button together,because php works with name and javascript works wth id

and on post page try to check via print_r($_POST['name'])

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