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In this website:http://www.lenovowarranty.co.in/contacttech.asp I want to submit the first form(id-#splocator2) in a loop so as to get the address of service centers of all states.

I want each address to open in a new tab. I'm using Firefox and I type the following code in the Firebug console.

But this code executes only once(and only single tab is opened with value=1, that is the first state only:


or even


How to make this form submit automatically for all "select" combo box values of states so that each address opens in a new window?

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Try using .each to loop over each of your form elements, and submit them that way manually.

$.each($('#splocator2', function(i, item) {
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is this syntax correct? How would "i" increment automatically? –  user5858 Mar 12 '11 at 4:06
Yes, this is correct for jQuery. The i will keep the index of the current location and item has the reference to the actual item. –  CraigKerstiens Mar 12 '11 at 5:06

Placing the _blank line within for loop is making it work:


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