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I've been up and down forums trying to figure this one out. I have a sheet of data with specific dates and a dollar value in each line item. I want to count the lines in each month and for each month create a sum of dollars. I found a function that I thought would work and modified it to meet my needs:

Public Function MonthOppCount(rng As Range, sdate As Date, edate As Date) As Long

    Dim Cel As Range
    Dim MonthCount As Integer
    Dim MonthRev As Long

        For Each Cel In rng
            If Cel >= sdate And Cel < edate Then
               ' MonthCount = MonthCount + 1
                MonthRev = MonthRev + ActiveCell.Offset(0, -3).Value
            End If

    MonthOppCount = MonthRev
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = MonthCount

End Function 

I then call the function from another subroutine:

Range("P5000").Value = MonthOppCount("H5:H5000", Month1, Month2)

I get a type mismatch error with H5:H5000 highlighted. Any ideas? Or, an easiuer way to accomplish the goal? I can't just set this function in a cell because there are 3 worksheets involved and the main code is not where this data would be grabbed from.

Thanks, Giselle

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1 Answer

"H5:H5000" is just a string; VBA doesn't automatically convert it to a range. Change the line that calls your function from:

Range("P5000").Value = MonthOppCount("H5:H5000", Month1, Month2)


Range("P5000").Value = MonthOppCount(Range("H5:H5000"), Month1, Month2)
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