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I'm looking to make a subroutine mysub which should behave such that the following two calls are effectively the same.

mysub(["values", "in", "a", "list"]);
mysub("Passing", "scalar", "values");

What is the proper syntax to make this happen?

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Perl's system function doesn't handle array reference arguments very well (unless you have a program called ARRAY(0xa63af0) in your path). –  mob Mar 11 '11 at 21:31
Hmmm... This is still what I want. I'm not sure what made be think this is how system works. Thanks, I'll edit my question. –  ajwood Mar 12 '11 at 20:34

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Check if @_ contains a single array reference.

sub mysub {
    if ( @_ == 1 && ref( $_[0] ) eq 'ARRAY' ) {
        # Single array ref
    } else {
        # A list

The if clause checks that only one argument was passed and that the argument is an array reference using ref. To make sure that the cases are the same:

sub mysub {
    if ( @_ == 1 && ref( $_[0] ) eq 'ARRAY' ) {
        @_ = @{ $_[0] };
    # Rest of the code
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