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I'm not familiar with Hudson or OSX, I'm just trying to find out if this is possible. We have a Hudson instance installed on OSX. We want to use the build process to connect to a Windows Server and execute a batch file that runs MSBuild for our WP7 project. I don't have access to the Hudson machine and my searches so far haven't resulted in any answers, though my hunch is that this is not possible.

End goal: Our Hudson machine runs OSX and we want to know if it is possible to use our Hudson to build a Windows Phone 7 project. We have a machine running Windows Server 2008, but it doesn't have Hudson. We want to have one Hudson machine that does all the builds if possible.

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yes this is possible. You can setup the Hudson instance on the mac osx machine as the master and you can have the windows server machine setup as a slave. Then when configuring your project you can select which slave to execute your build on. Here is a link to the hudson wiki on distributed builds. http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/Distributed+builds

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