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Is there a way to check that value of an element in the XML field has an empty size using SQLXML? Consider I have the following data in the column Conf of the table Test:

    <data type="str" value="" />

I can check that data exists by using the following SQL request:

SELECT Test.Conf.exist('/Conf/UserData/data') FROM Test;

But how can I check that data has an empty value? It could be something like the following, but it doesn't work:

SELECT Test.Conf.value('(/Conf/UserData/data/@value)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)')='' FROM Test;

My final solution is to use the following SQL statement:

SELECT Test.Conf.value('string-length(/Conf[1]/UserData[1]/data[1]/@value)', 'int') FROM Test;
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Using XPath 1.0. string(@someattribute) test should return false if empty. I know nothing about SQLXML, but it will work if you can use a control sequence.

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string-length function does the job. –  Kirill V. Lyadvinsky Mar 14 '11 at 8:36

Possibly this will work.

SELECT Test.Conf.exist('data(/Conf/UserData/data[@value=''''])') FROM Test;

This checks to see if a data element with @value = '' exists.

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The problem is not with XPath but with TSQL syntax.

XML.Exist returns a BIT datatype, indicating whether it exists. SQL Server has no native BOOLEAN datatype (a real true/false).

So, your query should have been

SELECT CASE WHEN Test.Conf.value('(/Conf/UserData/data/@value)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)')=''
       THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
FROM Test;
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