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Does anyone know of an eigensolver in Java that can give me just several smallest eigenvectors w/o computing the whole eigendecomposition (namely, second smallest EV)? I have looked at Colt, Jama, MTJ, UJMP, but these packages compute all eigenvectors.

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I don't know if this can help you, but this math library isn't on your list.

Apache Commons Math

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Specifically, might this meet your needs? commons.apache.org/math/userguide/… – shadit Mar 21 '11 at 15:49
Nope, their implementation computes the whole decomposition and then gives you individual vectors. If matrix is huge, you don't want to do that if you only need two smallest eigenvectors – lynxoid Mar 22 '11 at 15:18

Can you describe your matrix in more detail? Is it sparse? In general, sparse linear algebra packages have methods to compute only a few of the smallest or largest eigenpairs. For example, you can try to use ARPACK from within Java.

Another idea is just to write your own version of the Power Method, which is good at finding a few extreme eigenvalues very quickly. For example, see Eigenvalue Template Book (Hermitian) if your matrix is Hermitian or Eigenvalue Template Book (non-Hermitian) if your matrix is non-Hermitian.

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My colleague and I looked at using netlib-java as a wrapper for ARPACK, but the code didn't compile. Matrix is sparse, symmetric, real, size can vary from 1000 to 10000. – lynxoid Mar 25 '11 at 1:57
My colleagues have had good luck using netlib, so I would recommend trying to get it to work. That matrix is rather small, so you should be able to easily implement your own method as I described above. Good luck! – SplittingField Apr 26 '11 at 15:54

MTJ includes the netlib-java and has a wrapper to use arpack, so one can solve for a set number of eigenvalues and there are choices on the attributes of those.

See https://github.com/fommil/matrix-toolkits-java/blob/master/src/test/java/no/uib/cipr/matrix/sparse/ArpackSymTest.java

and http://static.javadoc.io/com.googlecode.matrix-toolkits-java/mtj/1.0.4/no/uib/cipr/matrix/sparse/ArpackSym.html

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