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How do I remove a color transform? (If say, I want to revert back to the original color):

I tried null but this gives me a null error:

my-movieclip-name.transform.colorTransform = null;
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Just reset the color transform by creating a new instance of it:

myTransform = new ColorTransform();
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Yep. By default, every DisplayObject has a colorTransform of: (redMultiplier=1, greenMultiplier=1, blueMultiplier=1, alphaMultiplier=1, redOffset=0, greenOffset=0, blueOffset=0, alphaOffset=0). There's no removing it, only resetting. –  user1385191 Mar 12 '11 at 4:20

instead of recreating a ColorTransform object you can reset the current one as follows:

myTransform.redMultiplier = 1;

myTransform.greenMultiplier = 1;

myTransform.blueMultiplier = 1;

myTransform.redOffset = 0;

myTransform.greenOffset = 0;

myTransform.blueOffset = 0;
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Its full classpath is flash.geom.ColorTransform, if you're looking to import it.

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