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Has anyone ever been able to get a FacesMessage to appear when one is added in the FileUploadEvent? I'm unable to do so...

<p:dialog header="#{bundle['dreamUpload.HEADER']}"
    widgetVar="dreamUploadDlg" modal="true" styleClass="dialog dialog2"
    draggable="false" resizable="false" showEffect="fade"
    <div class="dialog-top-reg"></div>
    <div class="dialog-middle-reg">
        <div class="close-button">
                <p:commandButton onclick="dreamUploadDlg.hide()" />
        <h:form class="dialog-content dialog-content2">
            <h1 class="upload-dream">
                <h:outputText value="#{bundle['dreamUpload.HEADER']}" />
            <p class="upload-dream">
                <h:outputText value="#{bundle['dreamUpload.SUBHEADER']}" />
            <div class="upload-dream-wrap">
                    <p:inputText />
                    <p:growl id="messages" showSummary="true" showDetail="true" />
                    <p:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{dreamFileUpload.handleFileUpload}" auto="true"  
                            allowTypes="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;" description="Images"/> 
                <h:outputText class="requirements"
                    value="#{bundle['dreamUpload.upload.requirements.TEXT']}" />
    <div class="dialog-bottom-reg"></div>
public class DreamFileUpload extends BaseAction{
DreamFileUploadBean dreamFileUploadBean;

public void handleFileUpload(FileUploadEvent event) { 
    String path="/users/cgray/fileupload";
    //new File(path + "/" + album.getId()).mkdirs();
    File result = new File(path + "/" + event.getFile().getFileName());

    try {
        FileOutputStream fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(result);

        byte[] buffer = new byte[512000]; //50kb

        int bulk;
        InputStream inputStream = event.getFile().getInputstream();
        while (true) {
            bulk =;
            if (bulk < 0) {
            fileOutputStream.write(buffer, 0, bulk);


        FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage("Succesful",
                event.getFile().getFileName() + " is uploaded.");
        FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, msg);

    } catch (IOException e) {
        FacesMessage error = new FacesMessage("The files were not uploaded!");
        FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, error);

public void close(CloseEvent e){

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It's all ajax, so you need to add the update attribute to the fileUpload tag like
<p:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{dreamFileUpload.handleFileUpload}" auto="true" allowTypes="*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;" description="Images" update="messages"/>

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I have update="messages", but it still does not show. – Teysz Mar 14 '13 at 14:07

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