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At the start of the pivot control on my main page, there is a space to enter the title of my application:

<controls:Pivot Title="MY APPLICATION">

What can I put in here so that it uses the value from the WMAppManifest file? (as shown below)

<App xmlns="" ProductID="{xxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxx}" Title="The Title" RuntimeType="Silverlight" ... >
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2 Answers

You can use the PhoneHelper class from the coding4fun toolkit. This article describes how to use it.


<controls:Pivot Title="{Binding AppTitle}">

In your page class:

public string AppTitle
  get { return PhoneHelper.GetAppAttribute("Title"); }

Note: I haven't actually tested the code above but it should work as is, or with minor modifications.

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You can always parse the WMAppManifest.xml file to get the Title. Description of this method is available here.

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