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We are currently trying to find a new bug tracking and integration software and we were looking at FogBugz, Jira and TFS. My question is about TFS.

I have done some research and found that TFS has "Power Tools" in which Non IT users can log on and get some information, but all the examples and tools I have found didnt really give them the kind of UI that other bug tracking software provides such as estimates, full fledged reporting on hours, P&L, Bugs Released, When A feature will be complete. For example Fogbugz has a feature that will predict when a feature will go live off past estimates, is there any way to get that kind of functionality from TFS? Or Any of the functionality listed above in a web interface?

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Team Web Access is built into TFS 2010 (grab a trial and try)

Urban Turtle is the best Web UI for dealing with Work Items in TFS.

Reporting and Bug reports are available, though everyone, everywhere wants something different.

P&L reports are not available out of the box.

There are minimal prediction reports, but it's all BS anyways :). Burndown reports give you information about your likelihood to delivery.

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As you mention, there is a tool called Team System Web Access Power Tool with following features:

   * Direct links to work items, query results, diffs, change sets and more
   * Display custom controls on work item forms
   * View queued builds new, queue new builds
   * Add new work items or edit existing ones
   * Work with any type of work item, including custom ones
   * Add new work item queries or edit existing ones
   * View, download, upload, check-in and check-out documents on SharePoint team portal
   * View reports, export as PDF or Excel
   * Browse source control repositories, download files, view changesets, diffs, histories, and annotated views
   * View build results, start or stop builds
   * Search for keywords in work items

If you need more than that you'll have to integrate the TFS with SharePoint server which will give you all you asked for in your question and much more...

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I'm not aware of any way (out of the box) to do hours, P&L, or evidence based scheduling as asked. If you know of a way to do those things a link would be helpful. – Brook Mar 12 '11 at 0:22

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