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Using Eclipse CDT 7.0, is there a way to specifiy to build just a single build configuration on the commandline when doing a headless build?

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Hi! check out this post : stackoverflow.com/questions/4780202/… – Francois Mar 12 '11 at 11:04
I was just looking for a way to use the headless build feature of CDT-7.0 to perform the build, mostly as a way to optimize the CM teams process, as if I can do that I can simplify their process for the build of one of our products down to 2 steps. – diverscuba23 Mar 13 '11 at 6:27
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I think I found the answer to my own question, mostly by playing with CDT 8.0 and the indigo developer releases and looking at cdt 7.0: answer is here

short summary is:

  • 7.0: doesn't seem to support building a specific configuration
  • 7.0.1: I don't know. don't have any way to try this
  • 7.0.2: this version supports it although there doesn't seem to be any documentation on exactly how.
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