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I cannot debug a PHP script as a script. It always terminates immediately after starting. I set up an Xdebug log in my php.ini, but it's completely unhelpful. Xdebug does show up on my phpinfo(), so I know it's loaded in Apache.

I can also debug code as a webpage (which provides no info on variables and will not stop on breakpoints though), so I know Eclipse has the proper server settings. Both debug options use the same PHP exe (the one installed with XAMPP, php 5.3.1 compiled with vc6 compiler). I made sure that the compilation of Xdebug matched these settings.

On a perhaps related note: I noticed that I could only load Xdebug with the zend_extension command, instead of zend_extension_ts even though my version of PHP is indeed thread safe? I have to admit I'm a little confused by that.

I also made very sure that wherever I could select "XDebug" in Eclipse, I did. I've followed two tutorials to no avail here. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried the version of Xdebug bundled with my XAMPP (2.0.6-dev) and I also downloaded a new .dll, version 2.1.


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Excellent instructions for Setup XDebug on XAMPP and Eclipse @user629300 Instructions are good for eclipse versions prior to 3.5 see the links to get instructions for version based instructions. Also Getting XDebug to work with apache xampp to debug php, has pictures with good explanations. They are a little stale though.

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first download the dll for xDebug then edit your php.ini file zend_extension_ts = “C:\xampp\php\zendOptimizer\lib\ZendExtensionManager.dll” make sure the line is uncommented restart apache make sure you are editing the right php.ini file

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